A thirty to fifty-day internship is provided for eligible foreign applicants.

       The course is divided into “lecture” and “practical” terms. During a week of educational lecture, the applicants are introduced to the skills listed in the Marketing course schedule table, followed by intensive practical internship in one or two companies under the supervision of their specialists, each of which takes approximately 3 weeks.

Upon BIFGRAD committee’s approval, either the applicant or their sponsor is obliged to pay the internship fee in order to register. This process could be done online or through a deposit to a designated account number.

       After the apprenticeship is completed, an assessment is conducted. Internship fees and accommodation costs of five individuals with the highest score in assessment will be fully refund. Also a marketing and technology transfer contract between the company and the selected interns will be signed. The contract is a three-month period job during which the interns would work in their homeland and be paid in accordance with the specific Executive Gantt chart. Provided that both parties are satisfied, this agreement could be renewable.

Benefits of the Internship
  1. Marketing Training for knowledge-based products
  2. Three months’ salary in your home country
  3. Tourism opportunity in Iran plus the chance to get to know the Iranian traditions
Internship evaluation indices to select top five individual:
  • Internship host company’s reviews during the course
  • Personality assessment and communication skills during the course
  • Quality and efficiency of Export Plan
Costs and schedule:
  • Four-week internship (1 week of marketing and technology transfer training 3 weeks of internship) $ 1700
  • Seven-week internship (1 week of marketing and technology transfer + 6 weeks of internship), $ 2700







The grant shall be awarded to the top five students in each program. In addition, all the applicants who undergo the course shall be entitled to receive payments. This payment is conditional upon: 1) approval of the companies and the Vice-Presidency, 2) three-month review of the applicants’ performance.