Huge Capacity of the Iranian Eco-Technology: The 2022 Vision

Dr. Surena Sattari, Vice President for Research and Technology, speaking at an event for international cooperation in science and technology, while highlighting the necessity for transforming the Country’s vast educational capital into start-ups and knowledge-based companies, added that the schism between higher education and industry is among the drawbacks of the petroleum-dependent industries. However, the Vice-Presidency is taking steps to overcome this challenge.

In this meeting and in the presence 20 Iranian ambassadors, Dr. Sattari also elaborated on the prospects of knowledge-based economy and emphasized a creative and talented human resource base as a pillar for this type of industry. He mentioned start-ups, innovation centers and accelerators as the main suppliers of creative talent for a portion of this eco-technology

Dr. Sattari also detailed the 2022 vision for the national eco-technology and said 1000 new start-up ventures shall commence their activities, in addition to 6000 new knowledge-based enterprises with the financial capacity to generate revenues in the billions. Furthermore, the vision sees the advent of 300 accelerators and innovation centers and factories.

He also stressed the role and importance of the private sector in expanding and strengthening the national eco-technology.

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